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64. Tell us the story of your first kiss? oh my I actually had my first kiss with a girl. We literally planned to make out with each other. So that’s exactly what we did. It wasn’t really anything special

38. Describe your dream girl/guy? They have to be spontaneous and outgoing. They have to be understanding of the fact that i’ll be in school for majority of my life. They have to be kind and loving. I’d hope that they would like to cuddle 

133. Favourite lyrics right now? “I hope that you catch me ‘cause I’m already falling”

octopus-garden-with-you said: 1, 6, 10, 12?

1. Who was the last person you held hands with? Um my ex boyfriend

6. What kind of people are you attracted to? I’m attracted to funny, understanding, intelligent and just kind people.

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? um Alyssa

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now? Little do you know, nightingale, warrior, just kids, and bumper cars

“I want to spend October with you, because it’s
my favorite month and happens during my
favorite season. I wish we could aimlessly
walk around a forest and with each leaf that
falls from the branches above, we fall a little
more for each other too. While hand in hand
we can crave the smell of warm coffee and
cinnamon muffins on a chilly morning, we
could feel the autumn breeze brush against
our skin and the goose bumps we get, we
won’t be able to tell if it’s from touching each
other’s skin or from the wind being too cool.
When we lay in bed you’d have the hardest
time moving an inch away from me, because
I’d want to be skin to skin every minute.
These lonely summer nights without you make
me crave the fall, and crave the season of
death in the hopes that maybe this loneliness
would die too, and you’d appear by my side.
I can’t tell if I love the night too dearly, or
hate it too passionately. I think I’d adore
it if I got to sleep next to you every evening,
and I think that I’d enjoy the sunset more
watching it hit your face than actually
seeing it say goodnight. I just crave to
spend time with you, I do.”

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“You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice Bobs Her Hair - via fitzgeraldquotes (via perfect)
“Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. I promise.”
– Emma Watson (via fitanne)
“Among the plastic saints of our times, Jesus has to do all the dying, and all we want to hear is another sermon about his dying”
A.W. Tozer (via worshipgifs)